Use of Technology at the SICC

Supreme Court Transcription Services

The Supreme Court Digital Transcription System (DTS) is an integrated system that facilitates digital audio recording of court proceedings and the preparation of transcripts.

DTS is available for use in SICC open Court and Chamber proceedings. Pursuant to O 38A of the Rules of Court (Cap 322, R 5), a party may apply for a copy or a transcript of the official record of hearing.

In-house Transcription Services - Service Provider & Procedure

Epiq Singapore Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as DTI Corporation Pte Ltd) is the service provider for the in-house DTS transcription services of the Supreme Court. With effect from 1 October 2017, if you wish to request a copy or a transcript of an official record of hearing, please submit your request through the Electronic Filing Service using the electronic form “Request for Record of Hearing – SICC Proceedings”.

Alternatively, you can download the relevant application form and submit a copy of the completed form to the SICC Registry in one of the following ways:

  1. by way of email forwarded to
  2. by facsimile transmission to +65 6337 9450;
  3. by post to the attention of the SICC Registry; or
  4. by delivery at the counter of the SICC Registry.

Click here to download the application form for copies of an audio recording of hearing.

Please note the following when making your request:

  1. All parties must pay the Supreme Court’s transcription service provider (Epiq Singapore Pte. Ltd.) directly for the transcripts requested.
  2. When transcripts are requested, the party must provide the following to the service provider:

    1. authorities or bundles of authorities;
    2. documentary exhibits or bundles of documents;
    3. written submissions;
    4. lists of the names of witnesses; and
    5. any document tendered at the hearing.

    These documents must be supplied to the service provider at least 2 clear working days before the hearing starts. If the request for transcript is only made after the hearing has started, or after the hearing has concluded, the documents must be supplied to the service provider together with the request form.

Enquiries on the use of the DTS transcript services can be directed to Epiq Singapore Pte. Ltd. at +65 6800 0268. The applicable fees and the delivery timeline options can be viewed here.

Private Realtime Court Reporting Services

The following vendors (listed in alphabetical order & in no order of priority) have been approved to provide real time transcription services in the Supreme Court.

Parties may approach any of these vendors if they require private transcription services with (a) Real time, (b) Daily or (c) Next Working Day delivery timeline:

  1. Epiq Singapore Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as DTI Corporation Pte Ltd)
    One Raffles Place, #50-00
    One Raffles Place Tower 1
    Singapore 048616
    Tel No: (+65) 6800 0268

  2. Opus 2 International Singapore Pte Ltd
    1 Wallich Street
    Guoco Tower #14-62
    Singapore 078881
    Tel No: (+65) 3158 5095

Technology facilities

Teleconference, video conference and audio-visual facilities (including Mobile Infocomm Technology Facilities) may, upon an application being made to the SICC Registry and subject to the discretion of the Registrar and the payment of the appropriate fees, be used at any trial or hearing conducted by the SICC.

Click here to download the application form to request for use of technology facilities during trials or hearings.