Communications with the SICC Registry

All requests relating to or in connection with any pending cause or matter are to be made to the SICC Registry using the forms set out in Appendix B of the SICC Practice Directions where available. Where a form is available in Appendix B of the SICC Practice Directions for the request that is sought, the SICC Registry has the discretion to refuse to process any request that is not made in the appropriate form. This applies in particular to the following forms:

Where there are no forms available for the request that is sought, the request may be made by way of correspondence addressed to the Registrar.

Requests may be submitted to the SICC Registry in one of the following ways:

  1. by online submission through the Electronic Filing Service;
  2. by way of email forwarded to;
  3. by post to the attention of the SICC Registry; or
  4. by delivery at the counter of the SICC Registry.

Please refer to paragraph 11 of the SICC Practice Directions for more information regarding communications with the SICC Registry.

Click here to access the forms set out under Appendix B of the SICC Practice Directions.