The Technology, Infrastructure and Construction List

The Technology, Infrastructure and Construction List (“TIC List”) is a specialised list of the SICC that deals principally with complex disputes, such as technology-related disputes, and disputes relating to infrastructure and construction projects.

A case that is to be heard in the SICC may be placed in the TIC List by the court on its own motion or upon the application of a party, after having heard the parties, or with the consent of the parties. Cases eligible for placement in the TIC List are those that involve technically complex issues, such as (but not limited to) building and construction disputes, engineering disputes, disputes relating to architects, surveyors and accountants, claims relating to computer systems and computer software, and claims relating to the supply of goods or services for technology, infrastructure and construction projects.

A case placed in the TIC List will benefit from additional case management features suited to the resolution of technically complex disputes, including broad and flexible powers relating to the management of expert evidence, the exchange of witness statements of evidence-in-chief prior to disclosure of documents, and the presentation of the parties’ cases using Scott Schedules. Optional voluntary protocols may be adopted by the agreement of parties in cases in the TIC List, to suit the needs of their dispute. These are the Simplified Adjudication Process Protocol, which streamlines the resolution of smaller-value claims in cases containing a large number of distinct claims, and the Pre-Action Protocol, which encourages the frank and early exchange of information between the parties on their claims and responses.

The list of specialist TIC Judges who will hear cases on the TIC List comprises:

The Rules governing the placement of cases in the TIC List and the management features of the TIC may be found in:

  1. Order 28 of the Singapore International Commercial Court Rules 2021, for proceedings governed by those Rules; or
  2. paragraphs 153 to 162 of the SICC Practice Directions, for proceedings governed by the Rules of Court (Cap. 322, R 5), as modified by Order 110 of those Rules.