Register of Foreign Lawyers

The SICC Registry maintains a register of every foreign lawyer who is granted full or restricted registration under section 36P of the Legal Profession Act 1966 and the relevant provisions in the Legal Profession (Representation in Singapore International Commercial Court) Rules. To date, a number of foreign lawyers from different jurisdictions have been registered with the SICC.

Foreign lawyers are welcome to apply to be registered with the SICC. Click here for more information in relation to the registration of foreign lawyers.

The following is a list of foreign lawyers who have been granted full and restricted registration. The list is updated on a fortnightly basis and is accurate as at 15 November 2022.

Name of registered foreign lawyer (RFL) granted full registration and country the law of which the RFLs most frequently practise (in alphabetical order):

  1. Sheila Ahuja (England and Wales)
  2. Hiroki Aoki (Japan)
  3. Scott Atkins (Australia)
  4. Prateek Bagaria (India)
  5. Ajay Bhargava (India)
  6. Vanita Bhargava (India)
  7. Olga Boltenko (Hong Kong SAR)
  8. Denis Gareth Brock (Hong Kong SAR)
  9. Michael Brotchie (England and Wales)
  10. Paul Chaisty KC (England and Wales)
  11. Donovan Cheah (Malaysia)
  12. Grace Cheng (England and Wales)
  13. Val Chow Pin Yeung (Hong Kong SAR)
  14. Michael Christie SC (Australia)
  15. Joseph Chung (Hong Kong SAR)
  16. Michael John Collett KC (England and Wales)
  17. John Caspar Conde (Australia)
  18. Roderick Charles Cordara KC (England and Wales)
  19. Do Viet Cuong (Vietnam)
  20. Robin Ratnakar David (India)
  21. Georgia Kate Dawson (England and Wales)
  22. Anneliese Mary Day KC (England and Wales)
  23. Vyapak Desai (India)
  24. Elodie Dulac (France)
  25. Robert Charles John Foote (British Virgin Islands)
  26. Rodolphe Philippe Jean Gautier (Switzerland)
  27. Philippe Rene Maurice Girard-Foley (France)
  28. Lord Peter Goldsmith PC KC (England and Wales)
  29. Adam Simon Gregory (Australia)
  30. Balz Patrik Gross (Switzerland)
  31. Hew Yang Wahn (Hong Kong SAR)
  32. Sophie Holcombe (England and Wales)
  33. Stephen Houseman KC (England and Wales)
  34. Mark Hubbard (England and Wales)
  35. Kieran Victor Falconer Humphrey (Hong Kong SAR)
  36. Immanuel A. Indrawan (Indonesia)
  37. Mashood Iqbal (England and Wales)
  38. Stuart Lindsay Isaacs KC (England and Wales)
  39. Yasuko Ishii (Japan)
  40. David Joseph KC (England and Wales)
  41. Ashish Kabra (India)
  42. Ruchi Kakkad (India)
  43. Jason Demetrios Karas (Hong Kong SAR)
  44. Dominic Henley Katter (Australia)
  45. Khoo Guan Huat (Malaysia)
  46. Lam Lok Fu (Hong Kong SAR)
  47. David Lewis KC (England and Wales)
  48. Nicholas Peter Lingard (USA)
  49. Liu Yimin (People's Republic of China)
  50. Thomas Charles Macey-Dare KC (England and Wales)
  51. Sara Masters KC (England and Wales)
  52. Duncan Henry Rowland Matthews KC (England and Wales)
  53. José-Antonio Maurellet SC (Hong Kong SAR)
  54. Simon Christopher Milnes (England and Wales)
  55. Charles Mo (Hong Kong SAR)
  56. Olivier Edmond Monange (France)
  57. Stephen Moriarty KC (England and Wales)
  58. Bibek Mukherjee (England and Wales)
  59. Leigh-Ann Maria Mulcahy KC (England and Wales)
  60. Lucas Jordi Jacques Nicolet-Serra (France)
  61. James Julian Noble (British Virgin Islands)
  62. Gaurav Pachnanda SA (India)
  63. Robert Thomas Palmer (England and Wales)
  64. Ming Shue Paul Pang (New Zealand)
  65. Shaneen Parikh (India)
  66. Karen Petch (Australia)
  67. Rajesh Pillai KC (England and Wales)
  68. Kent Napier Phillips (England and Wales)
  69. Erin Louise Miller Rankin (Canada)
  70. Harish Salve KC (England and Wales)
  71. David William John Scorey KC (England and Wales)
  72. Zachary Daniel Sharpe (England and Wales)
  73. Rutheran Sivagnanam (Malaysia)
  74. Matthew Skinner (England and Wales)
  75. Joseph Smouha KC (England and Wales)
  76. Masatoshi Tanaka (Japan)
  77. Tay Yu’Jin (England and Wales)
  78. Joaquin Pablo Terceno III (USA)
  79. Vasileios Triantafyllou (Belgium)
  80. Yuta Usuda (USA)
  81. Girija Krishan Varma (India)
  82. Shivani Verma (India)
  83. Jun Wang (England and Wales)
  84. Yeoh Kuan Hua (Hong Kong SAR)
  85. Yeum Jung Hye (USA)

Name of registered foreign lawyer (RFL) granted restricted registration and country the law of which the RFL most frequently practise (in alphabetical order):

1. Junwoo Kim (alias Junu Kim) (South Korea)

2. Sunyoung Kim (South Korea)

Name of registered law expert (RLE) granted registration and country the law of which the RLE most frequently practise (in alphabetical order):

1. Kwon Youngjoon (South Korea)